"With a razor-sharp wit and a wealth of experience to boot, Mike is a dream Senior Web Designer ... the kind of dude you really need to know."

Artisan Recruitment

Some work

Close Project


Web design and Flash coding/animation for NIKE Shox. My hard work was recognised by the International Advertising Committee of Cannes all the way back in 2001, when the Nike Shox site won the Cyber Bronze Lion.


Launch App

Close Project

Poker Kingdoms

Web design, Illustration, Game Design and Branding for Moosebot's game “Poker Kingdoms”, which is currently in development.

Poker Kingdoms Poker Kingdoms Poker Kingdoms Poker Kingdoms

Close Project is a hip guide to the best of Ballarat and surrounding areas. All design, Wordpress coding, illustration, icons, copywriting, logos and branding done by me.

Launch Site

Close Project

COMBOW Builders

Responsive web design and branding for a leading Ballarat builder.

Close Project

Big Fat Beer

Branding for a proposed craft-brewed beer.

Big Fat Beer
Close Project

Moosebot Logo

Branding for a new Computer Game company.

Moosebot Logo
Close Project

Cherubs the Game

Web Site design, illustration, game design and Actionscript coding for the Cherubs Flash game.

Cherubs Cherubs

Launch Site

Close Project

Doritos Animation

Animation for Doritos. Design, illustration and animation all by me.


Close Project


Tshirt design for Big Fat Robot.


More Illustrations

Close Project

Studio Bento

New website for the Melbourne film production company.

Studio Bento

Launch Site

Close Project

Ballistic Publishing

I was Head of Creative and Marketing for this award-winning publisher based in Adelaide. I also built and maintained the site.

Ballistic Publishing Launch Site
Close Project

Cotton On

Client: Cotton On. Promotion for their "Super hero underwear" launch.

Close Project

Boyson Branding

Client: Boysens/Bonsai Media

Boysons Boysons

Close Project

RUXCON Branding

Client: RUXCON


Close Project


Web design, fridge magnet, and signage design for Sunstainable.

Sunstainable Sunstainable Sunstainable Sunstainable

Close Project

Thai Sala Pavilion

Web design, logo design, and menu design for this Ballarat institution of fine Thai cuisine.

Thai Sala Thai Sala

Close Project

Mama Vi's Branding

Branding for a selection of Thai Sala Pavilion's delicious packaged sauces.

mama Vi's mama Vi's mama Vi's

Close Project


Branding and mascot for a marketing company for creatives.

The Hook The Hook The Hook

Close Project


An upcoming illustrated book for future men. To be published late 2016.

Dad's Advice Dad's Advice Dad's Advice Dad's Advice Dad's Advice

Close Project


Infographic for the Swedish giant.


Close Project


Animated How-tos.

Close Project

BST Group Rebranding

A new, modern look that pays homage to the 40 year old company's look and feel.

BST Group Rebrand

Close Project

Frazer Logo

New Product logo, with a few extra ideas thrown in.

BST Group Rebrand

Close Project

Summit Logo

New product logo for a ski-wear company.

Summit Logo

Close Project

Tools for Schools Catalogue

Tools for Schools 260 page 2018 Catalogue.

Tools for Schools Catalogue Tools for Schools Catalogue

Close Project

Tools for Schools Mascots

Various Tools for Schools Mascots.

Tools for Schools Mascots Tools for Schools Mascots

Close Project

Tools for Schools Wall Charts

Various Tools for Schools Wall Charts.

Tools for Schools Wall Charts Tools for Schools Wall Charts

"If you happen to be at a trade show, and test printing with a Mike Hepburn Tshirt design, then you must fight many men when it comes out the other side, in order to claim it as yours..."


Who I Am


    A Little Slice of Mike

    Web Design in Ballarat, Melbourne and the World!
    Based in Ballarat, Australia, I have over 10 years of experience, and offer a variety of creative services. From award winning web design and illustration to online copy/content writing, creating merchandise designs, corporate identity design and internet marketing - all tailor-made for your needs
    Currently, I'm Head of Creative and Marketing at CGSociety and its publishing arm Ballistic Publishing. However, I have many mouths and beaks to feed, so I'm always available for any Freelance work.

"Mike is a fantastic designer, with an eye for creating clean, neat, and attractive designs. His user-focused outlook has helped him make what is easily the most effective and attractive online store (in the form of; combined with his skills as an illustrator he'd be a great fit for any job."

Robert Mibus, Site Reliability Engineer at Google

What I Can do

  • Copywriting

    Copy and content writing

    From Ad copy to Press Releases, from blog content to feature writing - I’ve had years of experience doing it all. I was contributing writer for Design Graphics from 2000 to 2005. I’m currently the Editor in Chief of, and Editor for Check out more of my wordy gems here:

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    For over a decade I have crafted Webby gems for clients such as corporate juggernauts Nike and NBC. My hard work was recognised by the International Advertising Committee of Cannes all the way back in 2001, when the Nike Shox site won the Cyber Bronze Lion.
    I've since done a load of in-house, agency and freelance work for companies large and small.
    To put it simply, I make sites that are: Fast Loading; Great Looking; High Ranking; and, Device Friendly.

  • Illustration / branding / mascot

    Illustration / branding / mascot

    Whether you want an illustration for an event, a mascot, unique merchandise, custom icons or a crocodile fighting robots (real brief from a satisfied customer!), I’m your man. Clients have included Cotton On, Ruxcon, CGSociety and Tooheys.

  • Web Marketing

    Web marketing

    Whether you have a business, product, or even your good self to sell, I know all the tricks of the trade. Everything from email campaigns, banner advertising to tweaking your copy to get oodles of beautifully crafted SEO-enhanced traffic to your site. I’m as happy as a pig in muck when honing a site through Google Analytics, and creating ad campaigns in dfp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.
    Chances are you are here because of my search engine optimisation (SEO) :)

"It was a blast to work with Mike. He's dependable, on the ball and always a pleasure to work with. I'm sure he'll be an asset where ever he goes!"

Biljana Jankovic, CGWorkshops Manager


Ballarat, Melbourne, the world

Ph: 0438804179